January Jam Start
to Jan 27

January Jam Start

January Jam Start is the first roller derby clinic hosted and produced by Knight Strong.

JJS is a gender inclusive 18+ all levels camp, with a strong emphasis on off skates training.  This two day camp will have a morning and afternoon session each day; one skating session and one off-skates strength & conditioning session.

On Skates will be led by Loren Mutch of Rose City Rollers/USA Roller Derby covering Jammer and Offensive strategies and Roxy Dallas of Gotham Girls Roller Derby/USA Roller Derby covering Defensive strategies.

Off Skates will be led by Laci Knight and Kate Engard and will focus on the following:

- Proper Technique in the Squat, Deadlift, and Press

- Introduction and Refining of Clean Technique

- Agility and Plyometric drills specific to Roller Derby

- Core and Rotational Strength

- Aerobic & Anareobic Capacity Training

- Single Leg Strength, Balance, and Power

Whether you’ve never lifted or are a seasoned lifter, a seasoned endurance athlete or someone who hates to run a mile, or even someone with injuries who may not be able to do everything we have programmed - there will be tips and tricks to take you to the next level.

All in, the coaching staff will consist of two lead on skates coaches with multiple assists on each track, and two lead off-skates coaches with 6 professional coaches as support; all who are currently working in the strength and conditioning industry.

The goal of assembling this all-star talent staff is to ensure everyone attending the camp gets the attention they need to excel long after the camp comes to a close.

Included with admission will be:
- A 6 Week Training off skates program written by Laci Knight

- Healthy Lunch each Day

- T Shirt or Tank 

- Snacks throughout the Day

- A Nutrition Seminar led by Melissa Curtis, an active Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

- Access to a Networking Event Saturday Night with Snack Food and a Bar

- An All Camp scrimmage Sunday night to end the camp.

- And MORE!

If you're looking to get a hotel for this event, we have reserved a block of Rooms at the:
RIT Inn and Conference Center
5257 W. Henrietta Road

Reference January Jam Start when booking.

Ticket sales will be capped at 140 skaters, so get your tickets now!


Laci Knight

Former USA Roller Derby Skater

Former Angel City Charter Skater

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Laci Knight has been an active member in Roller Derby since 2008. In 2013, she started Crossfit to become a stronger, faster and more agile derby athlete.

Laci has been coaching Roller Derby as a Captain, Trainer, and Coach since 2009 for both the LA Derby Dolls (LADD) and then for Angel City Derby (ACD). In 2016, she was selected for the USA Roller Derby team to compete at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup. She skated multiple bouts with USA Roller Derby in the 2017 season and won the Gold with her team at the World Cup in February of 2018!

Off the track, Laci is a Level 1 Crossfit Certified Trainer, coaches at a Crossfit Boomtown in Rochester, NY, and has also been certified in Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting. She brought in cross training initiatives to both LADD and ACD and continues to find ways to help spread the word of fitness throughout the world of Roller Derby.

Laci is also a passionate personal trainer, coaching in person or remotely, and has worked not only with roller derby athletes, but also with clients looking to gain different skills, lose weight, or just up their fitness.

Loren Mutch

USA Roller Derby Skater

Rose City Roller Charter Skater

Jammer / Offensive Coach

I’m Loren Mutch, jammer for the Rose City Rollers All-Stars and USA Roller Derby.

I believe in sharing the knowledge I have, to help the sport that we all love, grow and become more competitive.

I’ve been playing roller derby for 11 years. I started at age 14, in 2007. Now this season marks my seventh season playing for the Rose City All-Stars since I made the team in 2012, and it’s been almost 8 years since I aged out of juniors! I was Playoffs and Champs MVP of 2014 and my team has earned two World Championship titles, in 2015 and 2016. I was honored to make USA Roller derby in 2016, and skate in the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup where we took first place. And last year, I signed on with Red Bull as an athlete!

About four seasons ago I started my coaching journey. I have experience coaching all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters. I’ve coached in four continents and 11 countries, and now I can’t wait to see you all at January Jam Start!

Roxy Dallas

USA Roller Derby Skater

Gotham Girls Roller Derby Charter Captain & Skater

Defense Coach

My appreciation for the art of defense began as as a kid in ice hockey rinks up and down the eastern seaboard, with a competitive culture that fostered the aggression I bring to the derby track. I am forever trying to balance constant and unapologetic intensity with control, focus, and communication to build on-track partnerships into strategic weapons. 

This season marks my 6th with NYC’s Gotham Girls Roller Derby and my 5th as a member of the 5-time world champion Gotham All Stars, with whom I had the honor of hoisting the Hydra in 2014. I’ve served as a Co-Captain of the team from 2015-2017 and wear the C as Captain in 2018. Since my rookie year, I’ve traveled internationally to coach this amazing game in the sports halls, arenas, and warehouses of the world. I was thrilled to represent USA Roller Derby at the 2018 World Cup and skate against some fierce national squads en route to USA’s third gold medal. Locally, I manage Five Stride Skate Shop, NYC’s only full service roller skate shop, and serve as Gotham’s Head of Coaching.

Kate Engard

Owner Engard Athletics

Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a scholarship collegiate athlete, I knew first hand how influential and life-changing physical activity can be. I came from a low-income family- there was no college fund. Sport was my only way out. It opened the doors to opportunities I might never have had - including my bachelors degree. Training my body to compete at the highest level was powerful mentally and physically. I knew that I wanted to empower people to find greater opportunity in life through human performance.

In my early career I turned to coaching to help empower athletes to have similar opportunities through sport. From 2009 through 2012 I worked at Scottsdale Community College as the strength and speed coach for basketball and soccer. In 2012 I began working exclusively with the football program. 18 months and a lot of hard work later, the 2013 class became the WSFL Champions and won the Valley of the Sun Bowl. 2014 saw a repeat winning season but a tough loss in the conference championship. Shortly after the 2014 season wrapped up, I received a message from Luz Chaos about strength training for roller derby.

Based on my knowledge at the time, I put together a roller derby program pulling pieces of my football and basketball programs and adding relevant agility drills to create a unique and derby-specific strength and conditioning program. This program has evolved and been refined over the last four years as ENG has grown in the derby community. Technology has allowed me to connect with and serve athletes across the country through the ENG performance training app. I’m humbled to be able to serve the roller derby community and honored to be a part of this clinic and learn from some of roller derby’s greatest minds!
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